Did you know that 100 million sharks die every year due to humans ? But only 57 people die because for shark attacks . Sharks live hundreds of years , but humans only live up to 120 years . Lets discuss there topics more in depth

Did you know that scientists can age sharks by counting the ring on their vertebrae ? vertebrae contain concentric pairs of opaque and translucent bands . Band pairs are counted like rings on a tree . The more rings the older the shark .Sharks such as the basking shark are big enough to hurt or kill humans , but are harmless , because they only eat plankton and their teeth aren’t big enough to eat humans . Did you know that the Greenland shark lived to 400 years old ?

Did you know that your odds of being attacked by a shark is 1 in 3, 748,067 ? If you being attacked by a shark , stay calm , it will get bored and leave you alone , that’s if you lucky .

The only reason sharks will eat humans is because of overfishing . Its simple math were pulling 110 million pounds of fish per year , and our oceans cant generate nearly enough replacement fish to replenish the waters . Today thirty percent of the fish we eat our overfished .

A lot of people think that sharks are ” evil ” but I think that their just big scary fish . Sharks normally out live humans , so what are we afraid of ?

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A wart is a small usually hard, tumorous growth on the skin , caused by a virus . Warts are filled with ” little white spikes ” which that’s what the virus looks like . What’s the virus called ? The virus is called ,Human papilloma virus . Warts mainly are on the feet and hands . Once you start killing a wart, it’ll start looking for a new place to infect. Did you know that cancer can sometime look like warts ? A wart will look kind of grey and bumpy . Did you know that a wart can range from 1 – 10 mm .I personally have been battling a wart my whole life and I finally am determined to kill mine .

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Simple Streatching

1: You will want to get in a straddle then side to side, takeing 30 sec each leg then down the middle .

2: Pike , its very easy , yes it will hurt at first ,but after awhile you get used to it ,hold that for 20 sec then your ready to move on.

3: Small butterfly , but you push your knees down and sit up straight .

4: Big butter fly then you lean down as far as you can .

Then after all that you done , Get a glass of water and enjoy the rest of your day knowing you did something . 🙂

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